The ECS in action

Learn how the Nuvara Emergency Care System addresses factors that impact clinical performance and outcomes before, during, and after Code Blue events.
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Code Blue Response

When a Code Blue is called, clinical teams have seconds to save a life. With the Nuvara Emergency Care System, nothing slows them down.

Make the most of every critical moment with:

  • Quick-to-care design features
  • Real-time electronic scribing
  • Clinical intervention assistance
  • Faster-access storage design
  • Easily standardized processes


Begin Code Blue treatment faster

Instant alerts inform designated teams the moment a Code Blue is initiated.

  • Assigned responders receive text or email alerts.
  • Customize assignments based on cart location — no wasting time figuring out who to call.

Breakaway power plug enables safer, faster response.

  • Defibrillator and suction pump connect directly to the cart, which harmlessly detaches from the wall.
  • No more scrambling to unplug items from wall outlets. 
  • No more equipment falling off the cart.

Quick activation allows teams to start tracking in seconds.

  • Removable tablet provides a single point for digitally managing information and resources.
  • Quick-start software takes teams from initiating a Code Blue to recording parameters in one tap.


Digitally document the entire event as it unfolds

With ECS Code Blue software, clinical teams can create a moment-by-moment digital event log that automatically syncs with the patient’s health record.

  • Accurately track, time, and document every rhythm, intervention, medication, and outcome with touchscreen simplicity.
  • Capture data as recommended by the American Heart Association to help improve outcomes over time.1
  • On-board tablet docks directly to the cart — no need to search for a computer workstation or other device.
  • Tablet-based interface gives teams the nimble mobility to scribe from anywhere in the room as needed.


Get clinical support for critical interventions

The Nuvara Emergency Care System provides in-the-moment event cues, such as visual alerts, timers, and other actionable guidance, to support resuscitation efforts.

  • Interactive timers help clinical teams effortlessly pace recurring actions.
  • Adapt care in the moment with real-time feedback on CPR quality.
  • Quickly determine appropriate medication dosing based on your hospital’s clinical protocols.


Access all medications and supplies more quickly

The ECS innovative cart design provides fast, secure access to all Code Blue medications, supplies, and equipment — including rapid sequence intubation (RSI) drugs.

  • Two-way medication drawer allows multiple clinicians to access medication and supplies without impeding one another.
  • An access-controlled compartment stores RSI drugs right on the cart — no more retrieving from another location.
  • Organized, user-centered storage design eliminates clutter and keeps supplies organized, so teams can find what they need instantly.


Standardize your Code Blue care

ECS technology provides a consistent, systematic approach to emergency care that supports protocol standardization.

  • Hospitals can easily configure rhythm and intervention logs, timers, and other dashboard components to their protocols.
  • This creates a seamless documentation experience and standardizes documentation methods across the hospital.

Learn more about the Emergency Care System

Keep exploring how the ECS from Nuvara can help improve clinical performance at every phase of Code Blue events.

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Take your Code Blue response to the next level.

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