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Introducing the first and only information, medication, and equipment management solution for Code Blue events.

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Our Mission

Empowering improvements in Code Blue care

Many facilities still struggle with inconsistency, inefficiency, and safety risks in the treatment of in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA) — likely in part due to the lack of device and technology innovation in this critical area.

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So much more than a crash cart

The Nuvara Emergency Care System (ECS) combines various equipment, technologies, and processes to bring unprecedented efficiency, awareness, and control to Code Blue resource management:

  • Next-gen resuscitation cart​
  • Streamlined cart integrity checks​
  • Medication inventory management​
  • Emergency medication dosing guidance​
  • Quantitative Code Blue quality indicators
  • Code Blue documentation, event debriefs, & performance analysis​
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Transforming every phase of Code Blue care

Only the Emergency Care System from Nuvara is designed to optimize underlying factors that impact IHCA outcomes before, during, and after Code Blue events.

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Event Readiness

From expired or missing medications to error-prone manual processes, crash cart resource management issues can jeopardize emergency event readiness. The ECS sets Response teams up for success, ensuring every cart stays code-ready.
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Event Response

There are often hidden gaps in the information and tools Response teams need to navigate code events. The ECS helps improve situational awareness and resource access, so clinicians can make critical decisions with confidence.
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Event Review

For too long, Code Blue teams have struggled with a lack of objective evidence to guide care improvements. The ECS transforms every event into actionable data to help improve performance and outcomes over time.
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Raising the standard of emergency care technology

Get a closer look at the Nuvara Emergency Care System’s unique combination of integrated software, hardware, and services.


Finally, a seamless, digital Code Blue experience. From cart checks and inventory management to scribing and clinical guidance, to event reporting and analytics — ECS software streamlines every phase of emergency care.


The next-gen crash cart has arrived. Featuring a detachable tablet for digital documentation, visual readiness indicators, smart storage, and more, the ECS combines improved mobility, organization, and access with modern security and resource intelligence.


Get comprehensive support for onboarding, workflow optimization, and data analysis. Plus, we’ll share best practices for driving adherence to AHA guidelines.


A new medical device and technology pioneer

Launched and led by a team with decades of experience in hospital equipment, patient care, and medication management operations, Nuvara™ is currently developing a new generation of hospital emergency care solutions.

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