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CoDirector® Resuscitation Software

Tackle every resuscitation and Rapid Response event with greater confidence, efficiency, accuracy — and compliance.

A leap forward in Code Blue & Rapid Response documentation

  • Real-time electronic scribing
  • Clinical intervention assistance
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Easy process standardization
  • Align with new TJC standards


Digitally document each event as it unfolds

Create a moment-by-moment digital event log via a dedicated, rugged, hand-held tablet.

  • Start documenting as Code Blue or Rapid Response, and auto-transition from Rapid Response to Code Blue if needed based on documented rhythm.
  • Scribe as quickly as needed from anywhere in the room.
  • Accurately track, time, and document every rhythm, intervention, medication, and outcome with touchscreen simplicity.
  • Information about drugs used is linked to formulary items, automatically creating documentation for billing and the Medication Administration Record.
  • Ensure the data recorded is detailed, high-quality, and primed for use in rich, insightful post-event reporting.


Get real-time clinical intervention support

In-the-moment event cues and alerts support virtually every aspect of resuscitation efforts.

  • Highlight interventions based on patient rhythm.
  • Easily pace recurring actions with interactive timers.
  • Quickly determine appropriate medication dosing based on your hospital’s clinical protocols.


Get the data you need to review & improve

Transform every resuscitation and Rapid Response event into insightful, care-enhancing data.

  • Get clearly defined, separate reports for Rapid Response and Code Blue events.
  • Immediately review events in data-driven detail with auto-generated “hot” debrief reports.
  • Automatically generate “cold” debrief Quality Reports that can be used for Code Committee meetings.
  • Document quality indicators and benchmark against others to highlight opportunities for process improvement initiatives.


Standardize your Code Blue processes

Easily implement a consistent, systematic approach to emergency care.

  • Unify and digitize cart check documentation and administration.
  • Create a seamless, standardized resuscitation event documentation process and methodology across the hospital.
  • Quickly configure rhythm interventions and other dashboard components to your hospital’s protocols.
  • Standardize data collection and review and access the data from anywhere with a web-based central management system.


Meet the latest resuscitation guidelines

The Joint Commission (TJC) recently issued new and revised requirements related to several aspects of resuscitation services, including training & education, data collection, and review & optimization. CoDirector Software from Nuvara® promotes compliance in each of these three areas.

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