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Advancing healthcare with next-gen medication delivery systems

At Nuvara®, we’re passionate about reshaping hospital medication management. Our innovative, integrated devices and technologies are designed to streamline processes, enhance care, and empower improved outcomes.


Enhance safety, awareness, and outcomes for clinicians and their patients


Nuvara technologies unite essential processes, resources, and data across the medication supply chain.


Our innovative solutions address every aspect of medication management, from readiness to delivery to reconciliation.


We’re bringing quality, safety, and efficiency to gaps in the medication chain of custody — starting with Code Blue care.

Our solutions

Our standalone CoDirector® Software and EMMIT® Emergency Care System upgrade are designed to optimize underlying factors that impact clinical performance and Code Blue outcomes. They also support compliance with the latest resuscitation standards from The Joint Commission.

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Meet our team

Together, the Nuvara leadership team brings nearly 50 years of expertise in medication management, hospital pharmacy systems, and emergency care to every innovation.

Norm Shoenfeld, MD, FACS


Brian Shoenfeld


Nish Patel, Pharm.D.

VP, Clinical Affairs

Quentin Morse

VP, Operations

Lexi Meadows

VP, Product

A breakthrough Code Blue innovation

Emergency medical care deserves the same remarkable level of innovation that medication management innovators have brought to the rest of the hospital.

The Nuvara team is proud and excited to make that effort, and to deliver the first truly comprehensive solution for managing Code Blue medications, equipment, and information. 

Nuvara will have a transformative impact on the care hospitals provide to patients experiencing cardiopulmonary arrest.”

— Brian Shoenfeld, CEO

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