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The EMMIT® Emergency Care System

Experience the first and only comprehensive information, inventory, and operations management system for resuscitation events.

The most advanced solution for Code Blue operations

  • Next-gen software & crash cart
  • Enhanced Code Blue readiness
  • Efficient resuscitation response
  • Reconciliation & record keeping


Gain awareness & confidence with CoDirector®

Available as a standalone solution or as part of the full EMMIT Emergency Care System, CoDirector Software enables:

  • Real-time, digital event documentation
  • Intervention guidance to optimize care in the moment
  • Automatic, integrated event reporting for “hot” and “cold” debriefs
  • Alignment with The Joint Commission’s latest resuscitation requirements
  • And more
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Digitally assess & ensure cart readiness

Monitor and manage equipment, medication, and supplies, unify cart checks, and achieve greater understanding and assurance of Code Blue readiness.

  • Smart sensors monitor storage access, check that temperature and humidity meet medication storage regulations, and more.
  • Instant alerts tell designated staff when possible inventory expiration, non-compliance, or cart tampering are detected.
  • Track and quickly locate recalled or expiring medications.
  • Built-in LED lights instantly convey readiness status to passersby.
  • Easily update and standardize cart check form data fields.
  • Get a system-wide view of fleet readiness via web-based central management.


Navigate resuscitation events more efficiently

Make the most of every critical second with our innovative system of hardware and software.

  • Resuscitation teams are assigned based on cart location and receive instant text or email alerts the moment a code is initiated.
  • Defibrillator and suction pump connect directly to the cart, which harmlessly detaches from the outlet via breakaway plug.
  • Start documenting in seconds via a removable tablet that docks directly to the cart.
  • A two-way medication drawer and a secure rapid sequence intubation (RSI) drug compartment ensure quick access to life-saving items.


Close the loop after every Code Blue

Easily keep up with patient records, inventory reconciliation, restocking, and other post-event processes.

  • The system automatically notifies Pharmacy and Central Supply for restocking.
  • An on-board barcode scanner and companion transfer cart facilitate accurate medication and supply reconciliation as well as resupply.
  • Efficiently associate NDC, lot, and serial numbers — as well as medication doses administered — to each patient.
  • Automatically update the patient’s Medication Administration Record.

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