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Learn how the Nuvara Emergency Care System addresses factors that impact clinical performance and outcomes before, during, and after Code Blue events.
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Code Blue Readiness

With the Nuvara Emergency Care System, clinicians are better equipped to deliver the best possible Code Blue outcome.

Set emergency care teams up for success with:

  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • Smart storage — including RSI
  • Digital cart check processes
  • Instant cart compromise alerts
  • Built-in LED status indicators


Digitally monitor & manage medications, supplies, & equipment

Inventory Manager Sotware
Built-in smart drawer sensors
On-board barcode scanner
Transfer cart with separate, locked storage areas for medication and supplies

Smart inventory monitoring enables faster, easier, more accurate resupply and greater assurance of cart readiness.

  • Smart drawer sensors track storage area access.
  • ECS Inventory Manager software indicates which areas need restocking.
  • On-board barcode scanner facilitates digital inventory reconciliation.

Our specially designed companion transfer cart streamlines restocking.

  • Simplify and track the flow of medications and equipment from Central Supply and Pharmacy.
  • Ensure the right people access the right inventory with separate, locked storage areas.

Digital inventory reporting empowers clinicians to save time, reduce errors, and avoid treatment delays.


Consolidate all resources — including RSI medications

An access-controlled hidden compartment ensures clinicians can store all medications, supplies, and equipment together, including controlled substances such as rapid sequence intubation (RSI) drugs.

Sensors on cardiac board, drawers, and bins streamline cart checks
Sensors on tilt bins and other areas streamline cart checks


Standardize & simplify cart checks

ECS Cart Check software enables efficient, standardized checks and administration.

  • Easily update and standardize cart check data fields.
  • Administrators get a system-wide view — including which carts are neglected.
  • Checks are documented and saved electronically for easy reference and reporting.

Smart sensors streamline cart checks significantly.

  • Drawer and tilt bin sensors indicate whether storage areas have been accessed since the last check.
  • Cardiac board sensor automatically confirms whether the board is present.
  • Climate sensors check temperature and humidity for compliance with medication storage regulations.


Know when carts may be compromised

The Nuvara Emergency Care System instantly notifies clinical teams to take action when it detects possible non-compliance or cart tampering.

  • Temperature and humidity sensors monitor ambient climate conditions for compliance with medication storage regulations.
  • Items that are expired or near expiration are flagged, so teams can replace or proactively rotate stock.
  • Inventory Manager Maintenance Alerts inform clinical teams when carts need attention.


Verify system readiness at a glance

Built-in LED indicator lights instantly inform the team and anyone passing by whether the cart is fully response-ready.

Smart sensors track access to drawers and bins and activate visual alerts when the cart needs attention.

Learn more about the Emergency Care System

Keep exploring how the ECS from Nuvara can help improve clinical performance at every phase of Code Blue events.

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