The ECS in action

Learn how the Nuvara Emergency Care System addresses factors that impact clinical performance and outcomes before, during, and after Code Blue events.
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Code Blue Review

The Nuvara Emergency Care System transforms every Code Blue event into usable, insightful, care-enhancing data.

Improve performance & outcomes over time with:

  • Instant “hot” & “cold” debriefs
  • Record-keeping & benchmarking
  • Secure EHR data integration
  • Continual outcome tracking
  • Unified Code Blue documentation


Efficiently debrief in data-driven detail

Responders get a precise, quantified, and instructive snapshot of their performance for immediate “hot” debriefing and hospitals get a detailed “cold” debriefing report to drive system-wide improvements.

  • No more handwriting notes clinicians can focus on analyzing reliable information and evaluating their performance.
  • Easily access debriefs from the system tablet, from a web-based central management application, or as an exported report.


Document quality indicators & benchmark against others

ECS event documentation helps hospitals identify and reinforce approaches that drive continuous improvement in Code Blue care.

With a detailed electronic form of every event, it’s easier than ever to analyze and benchmark clinical performance and mitigate liability and risk.


Instantly sync data with the EHR

Secure, compliant EHR integration ensures that once an event is over:

  • The patient’s event information is automatically transferred to their patient profile.
  • Information about drugs used during the event is linked to formulary items, automatically creating documentation for the EHR Medication Administration Record as well as for billing.


Discover trends in your Code Blue outcomes

By continually aggregating and analyzing event data, the ECS from Nuvara helps hospitals uncover new opportunities to enhance Code Blue care across teams and facilities.

  • Capture usable data conveniently and continuously.
  • Identify facility-wide trends in emergency care.
  • Refine approaches and enhance outcomes over time.


Unify your Code Blue documentation

Intuitive, insight-rich ECS reports provide the whole hospital with a single, shared, and comprehensive view of its Code Blue operations — and every opportunity to enhance them.

  • Event records are data-driven, insight-rich, time-stamped, and optimized for future review, or “cold” debriefing.
  • Easily export and report relevant event data to key registries working to enhance emergency care.

Learn more about the Emergency Care System

Keep exploring how the ECS from Nuvara can help improve clinical performance at every phase of Code Blue events.


Take your Code Blue performance to the next level.