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Get ready for The Joint Commission’s new requirements for resuscitation

With CoDirector™ Software from Nuvara®

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January 1, 2022

The Joint Commission (TJC) instituted revised and new requirements related to resuscitation. Here’s how Nuvara’s intuitive documentation and facilitation software can help your hospital comply with three of them.

1. Training & Education

New TJC requirement:

Offer regular training and education to keep selected staff up to date on topics such as resuscitation procedures, protocols, techniques, and equipment.

With CoDirector, you can:

  • Digitally document training events and results
  • Train staff with real-time, data-driven mock code insights
  • Compare mock code performance data against real events

2. Data Collection

New TJC requirement:

Document the number and location of in-hospital cardiac arrests (IHCA), outcomes, and transfers to a higher level of care.

With CoDirector, responders can:

  • Digitally document all interventions, patient data, outcomes, and more
  • Capture key metrics in the moment, such as time to first dose of Epinephrine, CPR quality, and chest compression fraction

3. Review & Optimization

New TJC requirement:

An interdisciplinary team will need to regularly review cases and data to identify and suggest practice and system improvements in resuscitation performance.

Nuvara’s CoDirector Software:

  • Automatically generates cold debrief reports that use built-in analytics to highlight opportunities for improvement
  • Creates exportable event logs that provide minable data for deeper analysis


See How Nuvara Can Improve Every IHCA Response

In addition to TJC compliance, Nuvara’s CoDirector Software supports efficient, accurate, and confident response via:

  • Pre-configured interventions based on patient rhythms
  • An interactive dashboard of intervention timers
  • Medication dosing assistance
  • Automatic hot debrief reports
  • And more
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