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Meet the new standard in resuscitation

Streamline your hospital’s Code Blue operations and adhere to evolving regulations with advanced solutions from Nuvara®.

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Our Mission

Empowering improvements in Code Blue care

Most hospitals still struggle with inconsistency, inefficiency, and safety risks throughout the Code Blue care cycle. But technology innovations can help optimize care and improve resuscitation operations.

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Standalone CoDirector™ Resuscitation Software

Our purpose-built resuscitation software brings a new level of awareness to every Code Blue — and aligns with The Joint Commission’s latest requirements.

Event Documentation

Digitally document every aspect of resuscitation events in real time via a convenient, intuitive touchscreen interface.

Response Guidance

Make critical decisions with confidence using preconfigured interventions, interactive timers, medication dosing assistance, and more.

Comprehensive Reporting

CoDirector performs analytics, facilitates data-driven “hot” debriefs, and aggregates data into Quality Reports for Code Committee meetings.


The EMMIT™ Emergency Care System

Introducing the first and only complete information, inventory, and operations management system for Code Blue events. EMMIT* provides all the benefits of CoDirector, plus hardware and expanded software that enable:

  • Unprecedented Code Blue readiness
  • Digital monitoring and management of equipment, medication, and supplies
  • Efficient, confident resuscitation response
  • Accurate reconciliation and record keeping
  • Continual performance review & improvement
  • System-wide process standardization
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A new medical device & technology pioneer

Launched and led by a team with decades of experience in healthcare equipment, patient care, and medication management operations, Nuvara has created a new generation of hospital emergency care solutions.

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Get breaking company updates and explore trends and innovations in hospital emergency care, medication management, and more.

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*Patent pending.